by Emma Shainwald

by Emma Shainwald


Ottilie Lighte is a senior at Barnard College of Columbia University pursuing Art History.

At first reluctant, she began taking photos to fulfill a high school art requirement, yet once equipped with her vintage 70's film camera, has not stopped since. She now finds her attention stolen by wind blowing trees in just the right billowing pattern, ephemeral glows that beg to be captured, and unique objects and organisms across her path that refuse to be ignored. Often doubling back to to take photographs, and (impervious to their remarks) making her friends and family wait while she gets the precisely right angle. Ottilie has come to realize her unconventional artistic point of view through both digital and film.

She is fascinated by the idea of beauty where one would least expect it, and the odd elegance of contrasting ideas converging. And has seen this mix manifested in derelict building materials, haphazard patterns and textures, and even slightly eerie scenes of forgotten-about houses, decaying leaves, or cement blocks.

Originally convinced she would not enjoy it, capturing images has helped Ottilie gain a deeper understanding of the unusual lens through which she sees the world. And she has since found she would much rather a life spent in the photo studio.